The role that bees play in our environment and our reliance on them is becoming more evident. Because of this, the need to provide new ideas to give them the assistance they need is also essential. The Maison Beehive is the culmination of research into mason bee physiology and how humans interact with them. The mason bee genus is responsible for pollinating a significant amount more than honey bee species. Maison provides a manufactured home with natural wood nesting tubes for mason bees while monitoring the health of the hive from a mobile application through several sensors. The device can be placed anywhere by being secured to the ground, allowing bees to pollinate in the desired environment.

As a Human-Centered Designer, I have had the opportunity to conduct extensive research of both bees and the humans that interact with them, develop concept sketches, and prototype various models. I have drawn inspiration from both the bees themselves, as well as from designers Jonathan Ive and Dieter Rams because of their focus on minimalist design. Maison is a new way for us to be able to understand and appreciate mason bees, while also helping them continue to pollinate and thrive.

Maison Beehive Monitor
Maison Beehive Monitor 1
Maison Beehive Monitor 2
Maison Beehive Monitor 3
Maison Beehive Monitor 4
Maison Beehive Monitor 5
Maison Beehive Monitor 6
Maison Beehive Monitor 7

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