Gordon Farms

Gordon Farms is run by local farmer Luke Gordon. Luke needed a web presence to better showcase his farming services, and have a presence on Google. Luke’s new website is built on WordPress, and showcases all of his services on a beautiful web layout.

Aub Marley's

Aub Marley’s is a boutique located in downtown Gaylord, MI that specializes in unique furniture and decor. Aubrey needed branding designed from scratch to fit her idea of where she wanted her business to be stylized. The final results feature a mid-century and art deco stylization to match the essence of her business and what she offers to her clients.
Aub Marley's Marketing Material
Aub Marley's

Social Solutions

Social Solutions needed help with a new logo and bi-fold infographic to present their services to prospective clients and requested I assist in the design. I created a logo that represented what they wanted their brand to convey, an emphasis on simplicity and their enthusiasm for the state of Michigan. I also helped organize and present their information in a layout for the bi-fold brochure that emphasized their services and metrics. This layout was ideal for displaying sites they had already created for clients.

Social Solutions launched a new company, Michigan Invoice Solutions, to better assist their clients with invoicing needs. A logo was required for that brand as well, and I created a logo similar to the original Social Solutions logo. The design needed to be more representative of an app icon, which is what the client wanted for an eventual mobile app.

Social Solutions Michigan
Social Solutions Marketing

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